Boards & Commissions

Elders (Session), Deacons, and Trustees are volunteers elected by the congregation.  Commissions are filled with volunteers like you. 

Much of the work of the church happens in commissions accountable to Session: Administration & Personnel, Christian Education, Discipleship, Fellowship, Mission & Service, Worship & Music.

Want to help? All you need is an interest in the work, a couple hours a month, and willingness to share your gifts.


The Session at YPC is a group of twelve church members, men and women, who have been elected by the congregation to serve as Elders. Together this group makes decisions by prayerfully discerning how to best lead and serve the congregation toward its mission to be a community of disciples with a heart for God and hands to help others. Each member also serves on a different commission in the church and shares with the rest of the elders what programs and events were created and discussed. Some of these then require an action of approval by the Session.

The members of session (Elders) are: Kelly Kost, Leslie Menconi, Jeff Redick, Angie Udelhofen,  Roger Lawrence, Rich Peterson, Ann Raley, Neil Schwan, Jason McMyler, Heidi Moy, Margaret Schiefer, and Caroline Wolfe

Board of Deacons

The Deacons are the caring arm of the church. Though all of us are called to “love one another,” the Deacons are those twelve elected members who make it their mission to show the warmth of Christ to our members.

The current Deacons are: Jacki Doyle, David LaVette, Mary Ann Luther, Sue Shepard, Pat Burrows, Bonnie Perticara, Melony Robbins, Jeff Skinner, Joyce Jensen, Jacki Lawrence, Jodi Redick and Nancy Wilson  (staff support: Matt Parker Wrzeszcz)

Board of Trustees

The current members of the Board of Trustees areTim Robbins, Pat Davis, Debby O'Malley, Stephanie Roon, Dave Beck, Gordon Burrows, Greg Caraballo, Rick Raley, Jane Foreman, Chris Prodoehl, Cindy Stoner and Tom Wiesenmayer (staff support: Lauren Cochran)

Administration & Personnel Commission

The Administration and Personnel Commission (A&P) serves our congregation in a role similar to a human resources department. They help lead the hiring process for non-Pastoral staff, serve as a support system for all employed by the church, and when needed, help communication between the staff and congregation. Additionally, A&P also takes the lead in developing drafts of the church's budget (working alongside Session, our governing body). Serving God while serving others takes many forms, and we are thankful for the work of A&P to help keep our church running smoothly! If you would like to be in contact with this commission or get involved, please contact the YPC office or one of our Pastors.

Currently serving on A&P: Kelly Kost, Anne Callen, Joy Peters, Joe Jeffrey, and Gary Schiefer (staff support: Lauren Cochran)

Christian Education Commission

The mission of the Christian Education Commission is to actively engage all children and youth in faith formation through a variety of programs and activities. A dedicated group of individuals comprise this commission and work to support the efforts of YPC's Director of Children's' Education. Sunday school instruction, taking place during the school year, is provided by trained volunteer teachers and shepherds for pre-schoolers through high school-aged children. Opportunities for youth fellowship during the week are provided by T.O.WN. for first through fifth graders, middle school youth fellowship, and high school youth fellowship, in addition to larger intergenerational activities sponsored by a combination of commissions and committees. Many of the youth are involved in vacation bible school as a volunteer or a participant. The youth are encouraged to share their gifts with the congregation during worship service by singing, reading, and playing instruments, and to the community through planned service projects.  

Currently serving on Christian Ed.: Roger Lawrence, Jeff Redick, Tim Dykes, Kim Hlavenka, Maddie Saltiel, Nancy Peterson, Donna Schwan, Jen Skinner, Heidi Moy and Diana Kurcz (staff support: Lea Schweitz)

Discipleship Commission

How do we respond when Jesus says: “Follow me!”? This is the work of the Discipleship Commission: facilitating ways we can deepen our faith as individuals and as a congregation via Sunday morning Adult Ed, Bible study, small groups, new member engagement, telling God’s stories, and how we share who we are in the broader community. 

Currently serving on Discipleship: Tom Ebsen, Angie Udelhofen, Pat Burrows, Ann Raley, and Kate Cross (staff support: Lauren Cochran)

Fellowship Commission

 The Fellowship Commission’s mission is to strengthen the bonds of YPC’s community through friendship, fellowship, and fun! What a wonderful mission - to enjoy each other’s company!

We assist the church’s disciple-making mission with fellowship events that let us gather and get to know each other in a variety of casual and social settings. We try to have a mix of adult, as well as, family events. The strength of community and knowing your brothers and sisters in Christ is an important part of keeping YPC a healthy church.

Currently serving on Fellowship: Rich Peterson, Greg Perticara, 
Jason McMyler, Becca Harpster, Heidi Moy, Lianne Sundberg, and John Udelhofen (staff support: Lauren Cochran)

Mission & Service Commission

Organizes and promotes hands-on missions opportunities for YPC and funds local and international ministries that address solutions to homelessness and poverty, hunger, immigration, child welfare, human justice and trafficking, and economic development. In addition, we organize annual adult mission trips for everyone who wants to come.

Currently serving on Mission: Joe Jeffery, Neil Schwan, Jane Foreman, Monica Lockie, Martha McGreal, Carol Mola, Margaret Schiefer, Kim Visser, and Kelly Kost (staff support: Matt Parker Wrzeszcz)

Worship & Music Commission

The mission of the Worship Commission is to serve the congregation by tuning the elements of each worship service for God’s glory. The commission works to support the pastors and church staff through the coordination of communion, lay reading, visual and performing arts, and special services throughout the year. Just as many different individuals comprise the Body of Christ, the commission seeks to thoughtfully plan and encourage participation in a variety of ways to honor and praise God during each worship service.

Currently serving on Worship: Lani Allen, Tim Balgemann, Leslie Menconi, Jenny McMyler, Kurt Muehleis, Ann Raley, and Bill Shepard (staff support: Lauren Cochran)

Nominating Committee

 The Nominating committee is a group of people elected by the congregation to help nominate (duh!) people to serve as Elders, Deacons and Trustees. Occasionally they help name people for pastor search committees... but that is few and far between! If you are someone who knows a lot of folks in the church and is able to meet a few times over the year, talk to the pastors about serving here.

Currently serving on nominating: Anne Callen, Tom Ebsen, and Susan Baker (staff support: Matt Parker Wrzeszcz

Generosity Committee

How can one express the deep thankfulness for all that God has provided, and how he works through our lives to build the kingdom? By following God, and supporting those we are working with, we show Jesus' abiding love to the world. We work with members of our community to express their discipleship practice through the giving of their time, talents, and treasure. 

Currently serving on generosity: Stephanie Roon, John Udelhofen, Roger Lawrence, Ally Pleiter, and Jeff Redick (staff support: Lauren Cochran)


Untamed Vision Committee


 Currently serving on Untamed Vision: Emily Douglass, Melissa Malmgren, Gary Schiefer, Neil Schwan, and John Udelhofen (staff support: Lauren Cochran and Matt Parker Wrzeszcz)