Advent Devotional

To the Readers:

We hope this Advent devotional carries you through this season as a beacon of Christ’s light amidst the darkness.  You will notice different things about this devotional from years past: first and foremost that each reflection is composed by members of our church community. This year we need to be connected, and so reading through each day connects you to someone in our family in Christ (don’t be afraid to reach out and tell folks you enjoyed or felt something meaningful in their devotion!). Second, many of our daily reflections include songs, videos, or other online components.  Click here if you would like to download a PDF version of the devotional.

Remember, Advent is a season of waiting and preparing for Christ. But those four eternal Advent themes of hope, peace, joy, and love bring extra depth this year.  How can we incorporate hope into our practice of waiting? What about peace? Joy? And love? We need these more than ever, and for stretches of this year they have felt elusive.  We pray that this devotional is one small piece of the season that helps put hope, peace, joy, and love within your grasp… and that you feel the light of the coming Christ shining in your life.

In hope,

The Discipleship Commission 

Music Playlist:  

Christmas Blessings YPC 2020 *

On the list you'll find music included with some of the reflections, some standards and newer favorites, and even a few Messiah performances- including the full Christmas portion. No church singing or Christmas concerts doesn't mean no music in this season. Enjoy.  (*Music videos will have ads not placed or endorsed by YPC. Most will have a skip ad button that will pop up in 10 seconds.)

 2020 Advent Devotional

  Day 1: Sunday, Nov. 29

Day 2: Monday, Nov. 30

Day 3: Tuesday, Dec. 1

Day 4: Wednesday, Dec. 2

Day 5: Thursday, Dec. 3

Day 6: Friday, Dec. 4

Day 7: Saturday, Dec. 5



Day 8: Sunday, December 6

Day 9: Monday, Dec. 7

Day 10: Tuesday, Dec. 8

Day 11: Wednesday, Dec. 9

Day 12: Thursday, Dec. 10

Day 13: Friday, Dec. 11

Day 14: Saturday, Dec. 12



Day 15: Sunday, Dec. 13

Day 16: Monday, Dec. 14

Day 17: Tuesday, Dec. 15

Day 18: Wednesday, Dec. 16

Day 19: Thursday, Dec. 17

Day 20: Friday, Dec. 18

Day 21: Saturday, Dec. 19



Day 22: Sunday, Dec. 20

Day 23: Monday, Dec. 21

Day 24: Tuesday, Dec. 22

Day 25: Wednesday, Dec. 23

Day 26: Thursday, Dec. 24

Day 27: Friday, Dec. 25