Advent Devotional

To the Readers, Listeners, Disciples, and Beloveds of God:

Light plays an important role all the year round, but especially in this season. The twinkle of Christmas lights, the flicker of a candle, the sunrise on snow… a good reading lamp as you sit down to read through this devotional! Our theme this year is a “Light in the Darkness”- celebrating the light of Christ that we witness in these dark winter days whether it be in church, in our homes, in our schools or work places, out in the community, or in our hearts.

We are excited to share this year's devotional compilation and are thankful to all who contributed. Reflections include songs, videos, and other online components as well as the traditional written entries. Make sure you pass on a copy to a friend who might need a pick me up, or someone who is looking for the light of Christ in their life this season (don’t be afraid to reach out and tell folks you enjoyed or felt something meaningful in their devotion!)  Click here if you would like to download a PDF version of the devotional.

Finally, a suggestion that might deepen your reading practice. Try lighting a candle (or using a battery powered candle, or even just a special lamp you turn on) before reading the daily selection each day. The small act of having a special ‘light of Christ’ may help center you and prepare your heart for the Holy Spirit to do its work! Taking that small moment to slow down, especially in a month filled with all the Christmas activities built up from last year as well… might be just what we all need to see that the light does indeed shine through the darkness.

In peace,
Pastor Lauren & the Discipleship Commission


Music Playlist:  

Christmas Blessings YPC 2021 *

This playlist has all 28 songs in the 2021 YPC Advent Devotional plus some new and old favorites. (*Music videos will have ads not placed or endorsed by YPC. Most will have a skip ad button that will pop up in a few seconds.)

 2021 Advent Devotional

  Day 1: Sunday, Nov. 28

Day 2: Monday, Nov. 29

Day 3: Tuesday, Nov. 30

Day 4: Wednesday, Dec. 1

Day 5: Thursday, Dec. 2

Day 6: Friday, Dec. 3 

Day 7: Saturday, Dec. 4



Day 8: Sunday, Dec. 5 

Day 9: Monday, Dec. 6

Day 10: Tuesday, Dec. 7

Day 11: Wednesday, Dec. 8

Day 12: Thursday, Dec. 9

Day 13: Friday, Dec. 10

Day 14: Saturday, Dec. 11



Day 15: Sunday, Dec. 12

Day 16: Monday, Dec. 13

Day 17: Tuesday, Dec. 14

Day 18: Wednesday, Dec. 15

Day 19: Thursday, Dec. 16

Day 20: Friday, Dec. 17

Day 21: Saturday, Dec. 18



Day 22: Sunday, Dec. 19

Day 23: Monday, Dec. 20

Day 24: Tuesday, Dec. 21

Day 25: Wednesday, Dec. 22

Day 26: Thursday, Dec. 23

Day 27: Friday, Dec. 24

Day 28: Saturday, Dec. 25