T.O.W.N. (Together on Wednesday Nights)

T.O.W.N. (Together on Wednesday Nights)

Every Wednesday, from 01/12/2022 to 03/02/2022, 3:45 PM - 6:30 PM

Cost: $135.00



First Semester Dates: September 22—December 1 (10 Weeks)  No TOWN on Nov 24

Second Semester Dates: January 12—March 2  (8 Weeks) 

Weekly Schedule for 1st & 2nd Grades:
3:45 Gathering Time and Announcements
3:50 Crafts/Recreation
4:25 Worship Skills
5:00 Bible Study
5:30 Dinner

Weekly Schedule for 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades
3:45 Gathering Time and Announcements
3:50 Worship Skills
4:25 Crafts/Recreation
5:00 Bible Study
5:30 Dinner


T.O.W.N. (Together On Wednesday Nights) is an after school program at Yorkfield Presbyterian Church for children in grades 1-5 that meets on Wednesday afternoons from September through March. TOWN is a place where church is fun and everyone matters. It offers a weekly opportunity for your child to develop relationships with other children, with the church staff, and with believers from a wide variety of ages. TOWN teaches that belief in Jesus Christ extends beyond Sunday morning, that the Christian life can be filled with joy and even silliness, and that everyone in the church is part of a believer's family. 

TOWN IS NOT CHURCH. It does not replace regular attendance at Sunday worship, but is an extension of worship, Sunday school, and personal Bible study. TOWN ENHANCES AND EXPANDS CHURCH into the week, into inter-generational relationships, and into daily life.

 TOWN is a FULL FAMILY ACTIVITY. Your participation in the program extends beyond your child's regular attendance. You, the parent, are a key component in TOWN's success. You'll read more about that later on this page.   



Exploring the scriptures to discover their relevance to our daily life and deepen our understanding of God's love
Worship skills: music, chimes & drama—Learning how to actively participate in Sunday worship and expressing our faith in ways that please God


Building relationships with adults and peers through creative activities, exploring our skills and gifts, and bringing home something that will remind us of our time together


Enjoying each other, having fun, and building relationships in positive, engaging, "everybody wins" activities


Sharing a meal as God's family to develop relationships and learn to treat each other with respect and kindness    


T.O.W.N. harnesses the power of relationship to teach faith. We seek to make these things happen in the life of your child:

  • to nurture an understanding of Jesus Christ and a desire to accept Christ as Lord and Savior
  • to develop knowledge, participation, and leadership in each child as a members of the church
  • to engage minds and bodies in wholesome, uplifting fellowship
  • to foster genuine and lasting relationships with adults, the pastor, and believers of all age 


TOWN is a unique program with a philosophy that permeates every activity. Here are the basic concepts that make up the philosophy: 

  • Relationships are the most fertile teaching grounds. Everything we do is about fostering relationships that will grow a child's faith.
  • We proclaim the Gospel in all that we do.
  • The pastor is an active part of T.O.W.N. so that children develop a vital relationship with him or her.
  • T.O.W.N. is a financially self-supporting operation.
  • Parent participation is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for success.
  • Worship is an indispensable part of the Christian life. Your child is expected to participate in worship and Sunday School.
  • Our number one goal is that your child begin or grow a daily personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Christ is a priority in the life of every believer. We treat this program with commitment and respect, and will ask the same of you and your child.


Click Here to Register for TOWN 2021-2022. Contact us at    for more information)

Program Fees for the full year are $135 per child.

Adults staying for dinner hour are asked to pay a small fee: Dinner for the full year is $60 or $3 per meal

In special cases scholarship funds are available. Finances should never prevent a child from being part of TOWN. You may contact Lea Schweitz in complete confidentiality if you wish to request financial assistance.

Deadline for forms to be returned to the church office is August 31, 2021.

All parents must be signed up for the required three volunteer nights by the end of the first night.  The sign-up page link will be sent to you once you register.


T.O.W.N. is about relationships. It is about children developing relationships with other adults, those in ministry, their peers, and parents. As such, the program simply cannot run without the full participation of all involved families. 


We have created on-site volunteer programs to meet the needs of both working parents and parents who are at home with their children. Childcare is available for those volunteers who have young children not in the program. The volunteer sheet will be posted at church. You may also email     to sign up.


Children in the T.O.W.N. program may invite visitors. So that dinner arrangements, craft supplies, etc. can be made, you MUST call the church office by noon on Monday to make a reservation. Upon arrival at the church, the visitor should check in with the Registrar. We ask that the visitor pay $3.00 to cover the cost of dinner.


We are all, young and old, Children of God and deserve to be treated with love and respect. Parents are encouraged to help their children understand the importance of courtesy and respect in their relationships with teachers, the pastor, their peers, and all others involved in the T.O.W.N. Program. Discipline is most effective when the basic set of rules are easily understood by the adults and children. The best rules are realistic for the age group and specific. Basic rules include:


No running, unless it is supervised;  No dangerous horseplay;  No hurting of others.


Every person is a Child of God and deserves to be treated that way.

Be courteous to others ; Refrain from inappropriate language;  Use proper table manners and eating habits;  Talk when it is appropriate, don't interrupt;  Teachers are people too and deserve full respect; Keep your hands to yourself;  Respect the handiwork and property of others;  Respect other's personal space;  Observe proper manners... Please and Thank you


The signal for quiet is a raised hand; Walk between classes;  Arrive on time;  Hang up your things;  Clean up when you are finished;  Respect the church property

The children are expected to arrive 15 minutes early in order that classes may start on time. The full allotted time for each activity is necessary for all to benefit.

During Christian Family Dining Hour, all participants are expected to: Be courteous - Please and Thank you are mandatory,  Exhibit proper table manners and eating habits,  Take only as much food as you can eat and eat it all,  Remain seated at your assigned table unless your table parent or dinner dean has given you permission to move around.


TOWN will not be able to supervise children before 3:45. PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILD BEFORE 3:45—THERE MAY BE NO ONE IN THE CHURCH TO SUPERVISE THEM. We will be happy to help you make cooperative arrangements with other parents if drop off times present a problem.

If your child is sick or will not be attending T.O.W.N., please let the church know by 2:00pm.


Young people are often involved with school athletic programs or other extra-curricular activities during particular times of the year. Sometimes these activities come in conflict with T.O.W.N. participation. As much as possible, parents should try to avoid these scheduling conflicts. However, if unavoidable, arrangements can be made for continuing participation in the T.O.W.N. program.


Insist upon regular attendance on T.O.W.N. day, special choir rehearsals, Sunday morning worship (especially when your child is scheduled to participate in worship), and Sunday School.

Discuss with your child what he/she has learned at T.O.W.N.. What they have enjoyed and had fun at, and what they disliked or are having problems with.

Encourage and participate in regular prayer and Bible readings at home. It is not easy to establish this habit, but a regular time set aside each day will help. At meal time or just before bed often prove to be the times most easily kept.

Give your willing participation and service as needed. The time given in T.O.W.N. is a vital service to the Lord and to our youth. If you cannot participate on a regular basis, we ask that you commit at least three evenings during the T.O.W.N. year.

Stress the importance of courtesy and good behavior at T.O.W.N.. An important rule is that everyone is a child of God and should be treated with the same respect.

Arrange for prompt payment of the T.O.W.N. tuition. This helps to ensure that we can continue to provide the meals, books and other resources required for T.O.W.N..


1. My child has so much homework. Doesn't that conflict with a week night program?

T.O.W.N. closes at 6:30 p.m. It is our experience that homework can still be completed before bedtime. We all need to establish priorities in our lives and make disciplined time for those things we count as important. Both the T.O.W.N. Program and the giving of homework strengthen that philosophy.

2. Can't we do away with dinner and save time, trouble and money?

To have only part of the program destroys the effectiveness of the whole. The value of T.O.W.N. is not so much the individual activities offered, but the total program of growing relationships in a Christian community. The breaking of the bread together plays a vital role in building these relationships.

3. Does every child have to be in choir?

Yes. This is a wonderful way our children can experience giving of themselves to God and to the church. Choir members have a unique opportunity to learn about praise, and to really feel a part of worship.

4. Why does my child have to come on Sunday too?

T.O.W.N. is not just a social club. We are trying to help our children become disciples for Christ and to feel valued as part of a supportive community. Much of what we do on Wednesdays culminates on Sundays. A child who helps prepare for the worship service, but doesn't participate on Sunday, feels left off the "team."

5. Why not have the whole program on Sunday, then?

There is a real value in mid-week activity. It illustrates that religion and Christian community are not separate from daily living, but an integral part of every day. This has meaning to young people -- most of their major activities take place on weekdays during the school year. Too often the message our children receive is that religion is reserved for an hour on Sunday mornings only.

6. But doesn't T.O.W.N. compete with Sunday Church School?

No, experience shows Sunday School is enhanced by the T.O.W.N. Program. The children come to Sunday School as better friends, with a better background to add to class participation. They also develop more of a willingness to be open and to share within their Christian community.

7. My child is involved in after-school activities on Wednesdays. Can (s)he come to only part of the program?

Athletics and other extra-curricular activities are of real value to your child, as is T.O.W.N.. It is suggested that (s)he make up as much work as possible that is missed, coming to T.O.W.N. as soon as is feasible on Wednesdays. Most programs do not run the entire year and full T.O.W.N. participation can be resumed following the "season".

8. Why must I, as a parent, actively participate in the T.O.W.N. Program?

The T.O.W.N. staff is wholly volunteer; part-time service by a large number of people is essential to keeping the large number of activities going. More important, however, is the powerful effect your presence and visible support have on your children. What you show to be important to you, becomes important to them.

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