Worship Links & Resources While We Stay at Home

Worship Service Resources

Here are our most recent worship resources so we can praise God together in Spirit while physically distant from one another.

Sermons & Scripture

Sermon from 3.29.2020, Pastor Lauren

Prayer from 3.29.2020, Pastor Matt

Scripture from 3.29.2020, Congregational Readers


Sermon from 3.22.2020, Pastors Matt and Lauren

Scripture from 3.22.2020, Congregational readers

Sermon and Scripture from 3.15.2020, Pastor Lauren


Songs & Hymns

Amazing Grace

Precious Lord

Look Up Child

Do it Again


Home T.O.W.N. Resources

For Wednesday, April 8

Before we enter into Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday, let's have a HomeT.O.W.N. Pajama Night!  On Wednesday evening grab your pajamas and your favorite stuffed animal and kick back for another edition of HomeT.O.W.N.


Here are all the details:

    1. Step one - and this is the crucial step! Put on your pajamas!.
    2. Take a picture and send it to Lea (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and we'll share it with the YPC family!
    3. Watch a welcome video from our HomeTOWN Dinner Dean.
    4. Use the attached prayer from Illustrated Ministry as a table prayer (and placemat).
    5. Dine! (Pancakes? Cereal? Eggs? As long as you're in pjs, why not breakfast for dinner?)
    6. Listen to a Bible lesson and prayer from Ms. Burrows.
    7. Sing along to "You Will Be Found" with the cast of Evan Hansen (song begins at 2:14) and "You Never Let Go" with Mr. Schweitz and HSYF.
    8. Color zentangle spring leaves. Below is a collection drawn with love by Dinner Dean Wolfe. Print and color one or more! Try it with colors that are adjacent on the color wheel (like the samples attached here.)**
      1. Leaf 1
      2. Leaf 2
      3. Leaf 3
      4. Leaf 4
    9. Watch and sing our closing song, "We are the Church."


**These leaves would make a great addition to an Easter table. Make several and they can be gathered into an Easter tree by attaching to a toilet paper tube trunk.


After Easter, we would love for you to mail the leaves to YPC (Yorkfield Presbyterian Church, Attn: Lea(ves), 1099 S York St., Elmhurst, IL 60126). We hope to gather our leaves into a collaborative art piece.



Other resources and links for you to use at home:

Here is a "Pandemic Hope Devotional" that offers daily readings and reflections


Looking for something to do? Try digital tours of art museums here!


Breath Prayers for Anxious Times


A Youth Specialties Blog Post about Managing Fear and Anxiety

(Helpful links to information and other articles about talking to others)


The high school Sunday school teachers offer this student devotional for older youth: Student Devotional


Talking to Kids about COVID-19 from the National Association of School Psychologists





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