Adults Education on Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings at 10:15am in Fellowship Hall

We welcome you to upcoming adult ed sessions in between services starting at 10:15 AM in Fellowship Hall. No advance preparation needed.


Adult Ed: In Life and in Death We Belong To God

Over 5 Sundays of Lent in Adult Education, we will be looking at a topic few people want to talk about......dying. Just as in Lent we walk with Jesus toward His death on a cross, we face our own mortality. Come to Fellowship Hall as Pastor Jennifer, Pastor Beth, Pastor Matt and Leslie Menconi lead a conversation starting class on the Lenten topic of death and dying.

March 17

What do the Scriptures have to say about death and dying and how we can face our own mortality knowing we are God's children for eternity and what that means.

March 24

A booklet called the FIVE WISHES will be used to begin conversations on the process of dying and what a person wants in terms of end of life decisions.

March 31 with Scott Ahlgrim

We will spend 10-15 minutes on practical resources and books that may be helpful for families when approaching delicate conversations. Then Scott Ahlgrim of Ahlgrim's Funeral Home will give a presentation on pre-planning and answer any questions that the participants might have.

April 7

We'll start the process of helping PLAN A CELEBRATION IN FAITH by having the participants begin thinking about planning their own funeral and how we honor the life of our loved one in the context of a worship service where the focus is claiming the promise of the resurrection of Christ on behalf of the deceased.

April 14

How do the resurrection Scriptures give us comfort in a time of grief because of our belief in the risen Christ?  Other topics may also include but are not limited to:  1) Living into resurrection, 2) Leaving a legacy, 3) the YPC Memorial Garden including possible plans for an ossuary 4) Leaving a monetary gift to the church upon your death.








Coffee Shop Hours

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Thursday Mornings at 10:00am

Feel free to stop by for coffee, tea, and conversation with Pastor Beth on Thursday mornings from 10:00 a.m.—Noon. Take a few minutes to get to know her better, ask questions about the life of the church, or discuss the transitions we are going through.






Sunday Mornings



Yorkfield puts a serious emphasis on adult education and always provides Adult classes during the Sunday morning education hour (10:15-11:05) September – May. 


Education opportunities are also available through many of our Small Groups

Over four weeks, we will explore the life, writings, and influence of the Apostle Paul. From his dramatic conversion from a persecutor to a preacher, then tracing Paul's extensive travels and a book by book review of his teachings, we will explore and understand the role of Pauline theology on Christians through the ages. 


Rough Overview:

Week 1 - Paul the globetrotter (his story, travels, era in which he lived, etc)

Week 2 - Prolific Paul Part 1 (overview of his audiences and letters, debating authorship, and summary of a few epistles)

Week 3 - Prolific Paul Part 2 (the rest of the epistles)

Week 4 - Paul's Place in Faith (summary of theology themes from letters, comparisons with the teachings of Jesus)




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